WorkHaven Guidelines


In compliance with the government’s guidelines, WorkHaven has devised policies to be strictly followed within the premises.

Please take your time to read and understand as this is a necessary step in preventing the spread of the virus and to ensure that our second home is safe for us.

Our topmost priority is the health and safety of everyone. We encourage everyone to help us keep this goal.

WorkHaven Entry

  • Face masks and face are required to enter WorkHaven.
  • Only Fully Vaccinated individuals are allowed to enter
  • Fingerprint access on the main entrance will be removed kindly use your access cards.
  • Upon entering WorkHaven, footwear and automatic hand disinfection are necessary. Kindly step on the sanitation mat and rub your hands with the hand sanitizer solution provided.
  • Contactless temperature check is mandatory and must be written on a daily health form.
  • Kindly submit completed the form in the reception.
  • No form no entry.

New guidelines

  • Kindly limit the number of people allowed per office. Please maintain social distancing.
  • Storing of mugs and other utensils at the pantry would be temporarily prohibited as with other commonly use items.
  • Borrowing of the telephone handset will be temporarily prohibited. Once a landline telephone with headset jack is available, it can be used by members who have personal headsets.
  • Temperature checks are mandatory every time a person comes inside the premises.
  • If a member is showing symptoms, they shall be directed to Linden’s isolation area.


  • We will temporarily suspend daily housekeeping. Please place your garbage bin outside of your door for daily collection.
  • Each office would be provided with cleaning agents for their daily disinfection.
  • Commonly used items and areas would be cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours. High touch objects such as door knobs would be sanitized every hour.
  • Water pitchers would be distributed in every office. We will refill it upon request. Kindly be responsible for your own cleaning. Water dispenser will only be for admin use during this time.
  • Items stored in the refrigerator must not be put back once taken. We will clean and dispose all items at the end of each day.
  • Document and parcel handling: Plastic wrap packages will disinfected with cleaning agents. Paper documents will be quaratined for 24 hours before releasing.